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What is an oil mist recovery machine? Talking about the benefits and benefits brought by the oil mist recovery machine

Many customers in the market often ask what is an oil mist recovery machine? In fact, the oil mist recovery machine is a necessary cleaning equipment for industrial environmental protection, and it is also an indispensable factory cleaning checker for this generation. The main function of the oil mist recovery machine is to install it near the industrial equipment of the factory to filter, collect and clean the oil mist, dust, water mist and other pollutants that are harmful to the human body and the machine during the processing and production process. .

The oil mist recovery machine also has many names in the industry, which are also called oil mist cleaner, oil mist separator, oil mist filter, oil mist treatment machine, oil mist purification machine, etc. From various names, we can know its general function. In fact, it is to intercept and collect the oil mist, dust and water mist generated in the machining process, and through a thorough filtration process, finally discharge clean gas.

The daily task of the oil mist recovery machine is to be placed near the machines that produce high pollution in the factory to recover and clean up the oil mist and dust generated in those industries. The oil mist recovery machine can absorb and purify about 99% of harmful substances in the mechanical processing environment, so as to protect the health of workers and prolong the service life of equipment.



Although currently in Taiwan, the government does not strictly require the use of oil mist recovery machines for processing equipment operating in a relatively closed and airtight environment. However, in other developed countries such as Germany and the United Kingdom in Europe, as well as the United States and Canada in North America, the government has pushed the industry to install oil mist recovery machines.

So we can know that under the trend of the world, the equipment and installation of oil mist recovery machine has become a necessity. Effective use of the oil mist recovery machine can not only improve the environment of the factory, but also reduce the processing cost of the enterprise and avoid the waste of resources, thereby improving the efficiency of the factory and reducing the cost of the factory.

Application fields of oil mist recovery machine:

Oil mist recovery machines are widely used in industry all over the world. Suitable machines and equipment such as EDM machine tools, high-speed CNC machine tools, high-efficiency gear processing machine tools and other production and processing machine tools, CNC numerical control machine tools, CNC engraving machines, printing machines, vacuum pumps And cleaning equipment and other industrial machines.

The oil mist recovery machine can also be installed in the CNC machining center, such as cleaning machines, die-casting machines, CNC lathes and other machining equipment, and through the removal of oil mist in the factory, it can truly purify the air and protect the factory. Everyone's health.

Although the oil mist recovery machine is a supporting role in the factory and an auxiliary equipment in the main processing machine, whether it should be installed and used depends largely on the company's true environmental awareness and its corresponding sense of social responsibility. With the high development of industry, trade and economy, the problems of environmental protection and industrial pollution are becoming more and more verified. Environmental protection must be deeply rooted in the inter-enterprise culture, otherwise they will face the doubts of damaging the air and the environment. Using an oil mist recovery cleaner is one of the most direct and simple ways to improve the environment.

The benefits of the oil mist recovery machine:

Next, let's discuss the benefits of oil mist recovery opportunities, and the importance of a clean industrial environment for factories and owners.

As a manufacturer, factory cleaning must be regarded as a basic task of daily operation, and factory tidiness must be given the utmost attention. Because maintaining cleanliness and tidiness in the factory environment is not just a short-term thing, but it can be regarded as a kind of culture to improve the quality of the environment. Improved plant cleanliness can have big benefits for your business, employees and customers. The cleaning of the factory can make the employees in the factory work normally, and then improve the efficiency.

As for customers: if they see that the environment in which the products are manufactured meets hygiene regulations and can also meet the happiness needs of factory employees, customers have reason to believe that your products can allow them to choose and purchase with peace of mind. A clean environment can also greatly improve the quality of your product output and meet customer expectations to the greatest extent.

In addition, the oil mist recovery machine can also achieve the following effects in addition to minimizing oil mist pollution.

1. Improve industrial safety:

The use of oil mist recovery machine can greatly reduce the chance of industrial accident hazards, just think about it. In the presence of oil mist, the visibility of the factory will be reduced, and the surface of the factory will become slippery, and the probability of accidental dangerous events will be greatly increased. In addition, it can also effectively reduce the probability of fire. Excessive oil mist will increase the probability of fire. This hidden danger has to be investigated.

2. Reduce costs:

The oil mist recovery machine can effectively save the cleaning and maintenance costs in the factory. All machines that are infested by oil mist and smoke will need to be cleaned. Because the oil mist generated during industrial operation will be exposed and float on the surface and crevices of any machine objects that can be adsorbed, which greatly increases the difficulty of cleaning.

The oil mist will also affect the objects in other factories. The oil mist can spread quickly and expand to a large area through diffuse propagation. The use of oil mist recovery machine can greatly reduce the damage of machines caused by oil mist erosion, reduce the risk of failure of electronic equipment parts, and also reduce the erosion and pollution of lighting sources.

3. People-oriented:

The use of the oil mist recovery machine can make the air clean, which can not only enhance the centripetal force and work enthusiasm of the employees in the factory, but also improve the employees' willingness to work. Studies have shown that this will even affect employees' remuneration requirements. Working in an air-polluted environment, employees usually ask for salary increases, safety subsidies, etc. In addition, serious pollution problems will also lead to the possibility of companies being complained by employees and the outside world. By using oil mist recovery machines, the air and environment can be improved, and it is more in line with the government's environmental policies, avoiding government-mandated fines, or other unfortunate situations. possible.


In recent years, Taiwan's industry and commerce have developed rapidly, and the number of factories and machine tools has increased. People began to think and discuss how to create a comfortable factory environment. The oil mist, water mist, dust, etc. produced by the machines in the factory, if inhaled for a long time, will cause great harm to the human body, and even lung, liver, throat cancer and other diseases may also induce other chronic eye diseases, skin diseases, etc. illness etc.

Therefore, a good working environment starts with using an oil mist recovery machine. The use of oil mist recovery machines can not only improve work efficiency, but also create a comfortable working environment, and it also symbolizes that the company attaches importance to the health and future of employees. If you have any questions about the oil mist recovery machine, please feel free to contact Lees Baotai, let us solve the long-term environmental cleaning problems such as oil mist, water mist or dust in machining for you. Our oil mist cleaning equipment will help you purify oil mist and oil fume, and help you create a truly non-toxic and safe factory environment.


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