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Taiwan Industry Perspective: How Oil Mist Recycling Machines Can Suppress Air Pollution Hazards and Prevent Gas Explosions


Taiwan has entered into an era of rapid development since the 1970s and 1980s, and then became a world-renowned foundry empire. Naturally, industrial OEM technology parks of various sizes were born in China, and the parks evolved into industrial settlements after development. Moreover, studies have shown that Taiwan has unknowingly become the second largest semiconductor industry in the world.


Potential hazards of processing

But what you don't know is that with the rapid development of the foundry industry, there are actually some fatal and hard-to-find dangers hidden. During the processing of various instruments, various oils, smoke, mist or dust will actually be produced. These seemingly overlooked oils, smoke, mist or dust are actually toxic. If the factory does not deal with the oil mist in time, it will also cause various problems. On the smaller side, the health of workers who have been in a working environment full of oil mist for a long time will be damaged, and various parts of factory equipment will be corroded and slowly damaged, which will affect the production efficiency of the factory and cause huge losses. In a broad sense, it will cause various air pollution hazards. At the same time, if the flammability of oil, smoke, mist or dust is not dealt with in time, it will also cause extremely harmful gas explosions.


Don't think that the editor is alarmist, just give an example. Recently, a processing factory in Changhua caused a gas explosion due to untimely dust disposal, which not only caused huge losses to the factory, but also injured several staff working on the site. The reason for this is mainly because the metal will be ground first during processing. During this process, a large amount of dust will be produced, combined with a certain amount of oxygen and heat source, and then a gas explosion will be born. Therefore, how to deal with the oil mist and dust generated during these processes has become the primary concern.


The Appearance of the Artifact-Oil Mist Recovery Machine

In fact, it is very simple to deal with these oil mist and dust. You only need to use an "magic tool", that is, the oil mist recovery machine. The oil mist recovery machine also has many names in the industry, which are also called oil mist cleaner, oil mist separator, oil mist filter, oil mist treatment machine, oil mist purification machine, etc. From the above various names, I believe you can understand its general function. The oil mist recovery machine is designed to intercept, absorb, filter and then discharge clean gas for all kinds of oil, smoke, mist and dust generated during the processing.


It can be said that the appearance of the oil mist recovery machine has solved the oil mist generated by these factories during the processing of equipment. In order to protect employees and processing equipment, it also suppresses and prevents the hazards of air pollution and the risk of gas explosions.




How to choose the right oil mist recovery machine

But how to choose among so many brands of oil mist collectors on the market? Today, the editor recommends an oil mist recovery machine from Baotai LEE'S, a brand recommended in the industry. It is understood that the body of Baotai LEE'S oil mist recovery machine is made of metal and stainless steel, so the internal filter consumables are not easy to damage and easy to replace. At the same time, with the unique patented three-pass filter system, it can easily intercept all kinds of oil mist produced by processing machines with at least 90%. And also because of the unique design, the horsepower effect of Baotai LEE'S oil mist recovery machine is 50% higher than that of ordinary oil mist recovery machines on the market when using the same level of horsepower (if the efficiency is the same, the power consumption varies from 200-400%). It can be said that it has truly achieved the effects of energy saving, power saving, low consumables, horsepower reduction and efficiency improvement.


in conclusion

With the continuous progress of the times, the various processing industries in Taiwan today or the scale of the processing industry clusters that have formed will only become larger and larger. However, all kinds of oil mist generated during the processing of equipment is also a problem that we have to face. Therefore, in order to suppress the hazards of air pollution and prevent the danger of gas explosions, it is an inevitable trend for OEM factories to use oil mist recovery machines.