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Baotai Industrial Purification Equipment Machinery Industry Net Zero Assistance

"We not only provide good products, but also provide integrated professional consulting services."

Chen Bixuan, general manager of Baotai, said confidently that in order to follow ESG sustainability guidelines and respond to low-carbon subsidies, she obtained various relevant certificates early in order to provide customers with the most immediate peripheral services and the best optimized purification equipment.


Baotai General Manager Chen Peixuan (middle) and his team enthusiastically displayed the high-efficiency LS series of machines at the Taipei Automation Exhibition in August. Baotai/Provided


Baotai's industrial environmental protection purification equipment can be used in major processing plants, manufacturing plants, and dust-free electronics factories, and has gradually gained the trust of customers in major precision processing industries. In addition, environmental awareness, occupational safety, and working conditions are increasingly valued by the public sector and the public. After customers imported Baotai's oil mist recovery machines and other equipment, the factory environment has been significantly improved, which can prevent employees from being harmed by oil mist and dust for a long time, and can also avoid Labor inspection penalties create a win-win situation for workers, business owners, and equipment manufacturers.


"There are a lot of good things out there. I can't just follow the path that my predecessors have taken." When Chen Bexuan decided to enter the field of industrial equipment, she told herself to position herself in a different market segment. To this end, the team has worked hard to develop a full range of products to respond to the needs of customers with different attributes.


Chen Peixuan was personally involved in everything from the layout of product literature and fonts, to the quality inspection of production line assembly, to obtaining patent certification, and even to on-site sales at domestic and foreign exhibitions. Only by insisting on taking stock of all the details one by one, can we have the confidence to promote our products to the outside world. Such an attitude of attaching great importance to quality inspection and quality has also been recognized by Japanese customers who pay the most attention to details, allowing traders who work together to have more confidence in Baotai products. More willing to promote Baotai products.


"We look forward to forming alliances and cooperating with more machine tool manufacturers, so that the benefits of one plus one are not only greater than two, but also greater than three." Chen Baixuan relies on female acumen and unique business thinking to break the traditional gender barriers in the manufacturing industry and bravely break into her own industry. A new frontier of environmentally friendly and energy-saving equipment.


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