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Comparison of treatment methods of oil mist recovery machines: filter screen vs electrostatic collection | Taiwan Industry Viewpoint


With the progress of the times, Taiwan has gradually become a foundry kingdom known all over the world. The scale of domestic foundry industry settlements is also growing. But with the emergence of various foundries, one of the issues is also discussed by others from time to time. That is how to effectively deal with the oil mist generated in the process of equipment processing. But don't underestimate these oil mist, it is a poisonous gas. If the working environment is full of oil mist for a long time, the health of workers will be seriously damaged, and the mechanical components of the factory will also be damaged by the oil mist.


Therefore, OEMs usually choose to use oil mist recovery machines to solve the oil mist generated during processing. But have you carefully understood the oil mist recovery machine? Today, the editor will talk to you about the comparison of the treatment methods of the oil mist recovery machine: filter filter VS electrostatic collection. Let everyone quickly know which oil mist recovery machine is suitable for them.


Oil mist recovery machine:

Before understanding how the oil mist recovery machine works, you need to know what an oil mist recovery machine is. We all know that the oil mist generated during the processing is poisonous, so the function of the oil mist recovery machine is very simple. That is to set up around the processing equipment, and then clean up the oil mist in the air by collecting, absorbing or filtering. So as to play a role in purifying the working environment.


Comparison of treatment methods of oil mist collectors: filter screen VS electrostatic collection

Someone here may ask that there are actually oil mist recovery machines ready, but the effect does not seem to be as good as expected, and it does not play a role in eliminating the oil mist. That's because you chose the wrong oil mist recovery machine. Different types of oil mist recovery machines also correspond to different processing equipment and environments. For example, if you use a small oil mist recovery machine for a large-scale processing equipment, the effect will definitely be relatively poor, or what kind of oil mist recovery machine should be used for water-based, oil-based or cutting processing, etc. These all need to do some homework of. Let's compare them now.


Features of filter screen:

Filtering means that the motor inside the oil mist recovery machine drives the impeller, and then the oil mist generated by the processing machine can be attracted into the oil mist recovery machine along the suction port. Then it is physically intercepted by layers of filter screens until the fresh air is finally excluded. So as to achieve the effect of purifying oil mist.


But it should be noted that the filter method is more effective for some large oil mist particles. For example, in the cutting process, because the oil-water ratio of the cutting fluid is relatively low, the oil mist produced by the machining is small and has water vapor, so the effect of using this type of oil mist recovery machine is not as good as expected.


However, the advantage of the filter is that the cost of preparation is relatively low, the setting is relatively simple, and it is more environmentally friendly than other types of oil mist collectors. The disadvantage is that it consumes more power and requires regular cleaning and maintenance.


Features of static electricity collection:

The oil mist recovery machine with electrostatic collection method actually uses the principle of static electricity to catch and collect oil mist. Compared with filter screen filtration, the effect of electrostatic collection will be better, regardless of the size of particle collection. But its disadvantages are also particularly obvious, that is, the cost of equipment setup is extremely high, and frequent and regular maintenance and cleaning are required.



Recommended brands:

At present, the oil mist recovery machine brand recommended by many people in the market should be Baotai LEES oil mist recovery machine. Because it is different from the filter filter and electrostatic collection mentioned above, Baotai LEES oil mist recovery machine has a unique patented technology. Three filter systems are used inside the body, which breaks through the traditional filter thinking and adopts the principle of centrifugal impact to extend the maintenance cycle by 2-3 times. At the same time, the stainless steel filter layer is adopted, the design of the air duct is strengthened, and the running motor is highly efficient and energy-saving, achieving energy saving and reducing carbon emissions, which is also in line with the current ESG concept of sustainable management and environmental protection.


Of course, compared to the general oil mist recovery machines on the market, the main body of Baotai LEES oil mist recovery machine can easily filter the oil mist generated by processing machines above 90%. There is also its unique design, so that Baotai LEES oil mist recovery machine only needs to use the same level of horsepower, but the effect is 50% higher than that of ordinary oil mist recovery machines (if the efficiency is the same, it will save 200-400% of electricity). It can be said that it is the mainstream choice of oil mist recovery machines today. The most important thing is that Baotai LEES oil mist recovery machine has many types of oil mist recovery machines, which allow you to easily deal with all types of processing equipment.


in conclusion

Nowadays, people are more and more aware of environmental protection, and the hazards of oil mist have also been paid attention to. Although the installation of oil mist recovery opportunities will increase the cost, in the long run, it can avoid damage to the health of employees and reduce damage to mechanical components. No matter what kind of oil mist recovery machine you choose, remember to do your homework, and the most important thing is to choose the one that suits you best.