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Industry Viewpoint: Use oil mist cleaners to protect the air quality in factories in Taiwan


The corporate brand LEE'S is named after the founder "Li Shi". The parent company was founded in 1989 and has been operating in the mechanical parts industry for more than 30 years.
Based on familiarity with industrial processing operations and the rising awareness of environmental protection recently,Regarding environmental protection and industry persistence, LEE'S wanted to use "energy saving and carbon reduction" as the main axis when starting the brand, and designed an oil mist recovery air purifier that can focus on energy saving and carbon reduction. This is also in response to the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection and the attention paid to the health of people in factories.


"LEE'S focuses on high-quality oil mist cleaning solutions."

In the past, many factories simply adopted exhaust or ventilation systems to reduce the hazards of oil mist or dust.
But today, in fact, it is difficult to completely solve these environmental protection needs in such a way.
Therefore, the professional and high-quality oil mist recovery air purifier launched by LEE'S uses the most advanced environmental protection technology to help enterprises and factories start from the most basic environmental protection and cleanliness.
Assist the factory in the process of production and operation, greatly reducing the hazards of dust and oil mist,
Improve the air guardian in the factory, and aspire to become the "air quality guardian of Taiwan factory" and create a "green factory safe air network".


Today, lung cancer has replaced liver cancer, which used to be the top of the list, and has become the top ten cancer deaths.
However, people often ignore the dangers of the factory environment to factory employees. People working in factories are mostly exposed to harmful objects produced by industrial processes every day.
For example, some air pollutants, such as aldehydes, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ozone, and other harmful suspended particles, microorganisms, etc.
All of these will cause great damage and harm to the human body, and harmful substances such as formaldehyde are strong carcinogens.
This has also led to a sharp increase in the incidence of chronic diseases among factory workers. Therefore, it is an urgent choice to purify and improve the air quality in the factory.
Today, lung cancer has replaced liver cancer, which used to be the top of the list, and has become the top ten cancer deaths.


"Industrial environmental protection is our greatest mission, and oil mist cleaning efficiency is our greatest pursuit."

The vision of LEE'S is to serve as the backing of major industrial manufacturers, to provide professional and sustainable functional equipment, and to lead the sustainable cycle of industrial ecological purification and environmental protection.
The oil mist recovery machine launched by LEE'S can help your factory or industrial environment solve environmental problems with simple and effective solutions under limited resources.
Start planning and installing LEE'S oil mist circulation cleaner now, let us help you effectively improve the harsh environment of the factory area,
Make sure to re-evolve your air-conditioning plant, human occupational safety, and environmental safety inside and outside the plant, so that everyone working in it can feel more at ease.

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