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Inventory of 6 application fields of oil mist recovery machine

The oil mist recovery machine is a necessary cleaning equipment for industrial environmental protection, and it is also an indispensable factory cleaning checker for this generation. The main function of the oil mist recovery machine is to install it near the industrial equipment of the factory to filter, collect and clean the oil mist, dust, water mist and other pollutants that are harmful to the human body and the machine during the processing and production process. .


The oil mist recovery machine also has many names in the industry, which are also called oil mist cleaner, oil mist separator, oil mist filter, oil mist treatment machine, oil mist purification machine, etc. From various names, we can know its general function. In fact, it is to intercept and collect the oil mist, dust and water mist generated in the machining process, and through a thorough filtration process, finally discharge clean gas.

Oil mist clean


Let the editor lead everyone to take stock today, 7 professional fields where oil mist recovery machines can be applied!


1. Surface treatment plant

The industrial process required by the surface treatment factory will go through sol, chemical, cathode and other treatment processes. Industrial processes will produce a lot of harmful oil mist and dust, as well as chemical substances that are harmful to the body.

LEE'S oil mist recovery machine can help you filter and purify relevant harmful gases and substances as much as possible, and protect the health of every hard-working people.


2. Petrochemical processing plants

Petrochemical plants use many raw materials during chemical processing, such as rubber, plastic, sol, fiber, chemicals, etc., to carry out processing procedures.
During the process, a lot of oil mist, water vapor, and dust will be produced, which will attack the respiratory system of people close by and cause a lot of harm to the body.

It is recommended to use LEE'S oil mist recovery machine to provide the most perfect filtration effect and create the best quality air environment.


3. CNC processing plant

Taiwan is a heavy industrial country. For example, there are many industrial settlements in the Taichung Mountains, such as Zhongke, Dadushan Industrial Zone, Dali Industrial Zone, etc.

The CNC processing plant will use many machines and machines that generate dust and oil mist. Such as CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, CNC grinding machines, etc.

 The professional environmental protection technology used in LEE'S oil mist recovery machine will filter out iron filings, effectively reducing the loss of the machine itself.


4. Discharge processing plant

Taiwan has a large number of electrical discharge processing factories, and these factories often generate a lot of oil mist and dust during the processing.

These harmful gases are very harmful to the environment in the factory. At this time, choosing to use LEE'S oil mist recovery machine can help you create a safer and non-toxic working environment.

5. Dust-free electronics factory

Electronic factories will have many clean rooms, and these clean rooms have high requirements for air. When processing or other electronic industrial processes in a clean room, if the LEE'S oil mist recovery machine is installed, it can help you rectify the dust and floating particles in the air, and help you create a perfect dust-free working space.


6. Food processing factory

Taiwan has many well-known food companies, and food hygiene and cleanliness have always been the most important and basic requirements of the entire food processing plant.
Installing our industrial cleaners in your factory can help greatly improve the air quality of your factory and help you build a safe and clean food production line. chooseOur oil mist recovery machine can effectively help the food in your factory to avoid being damaged by oil mist and dust.



Today, we took stock of 6 fields and industries where oil mist recovery machines can be applied and installed.

In fact, as long as it is an industry, oil mist, oil fume, dust, and waste will be generated during the processing process, and these gases are destroying the quality of ambient air and bringing unpredictable harm to the people working inside.


Install our oil mist recovery machine in the mechanical equipment in the factory,Let us create the best working environment for you and protect the health of everyone who works hard.


LEE'S provides high-efficiency, low-noise high-quality oil mist recovery cleaners,

The 98% with air purification efficiency can be achieved by using LEE'S oil mist recovery machine,

Therefore, our oil mist recovery machine products are widely supported by customers all over the world.

Our customers include those from the United States, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, China, etc.


Feel free to contact us at any time, let us provide you with the most professional evaluation and installation services, we also provide the most complete fault damage maintenance and product after-sales service,

LEE'S oil mist recovery machine is your best choice.


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