Brand story

The corporate brand LEE'S is named after the founder "Lee's". The parent company was founded in 1989 and has been operating in the mechanical parts industry for more than 30 years.
Based on the familiarity with industrial processing operations and the rising awareness of environmental protection recently, LEE'S' vision is to serve as the backing of major industrial manufacturers, to provide professional and sustainable functional equipment, and to lead the sustainable cycle of industrial ecological purification and environmental protection.


Meaning of LEE'S

L - Leadership Professional leadership

E - Ecopurification

E - Energy-saving

S - Solution improvement policy

Environmental protection is our greatest mission, and efficiency is our greatest pursuit.

We hope to create a new industrial culture,
Share a comfortable working environment,
Make the industry healthier, the environment more simple and sustainable, and the enterprise more healthy and beautiful,
Share the real joy of nature with the world with green industry. 

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"Customer difficulties, we help you solve them."
We found that when processing operations in traditional factories,
Oil stains and pungent odors will occur when cutting fluids and machine oils are processed.
Oil and gas mist not only causes air pollution inside and outside the factory, but also
It also causes stickiness and dirt in the surrounding environment.
Such a bad environment,
This leads to the dilemma that it is difficult to recruit and retain talents in the industrial sector.

"Environmental protection is our greatest mission, and efficiency is our greatest pursuit." LEE'S can help you with limited resources,
Choose effective solutions to solve environmental problems.
Install LEE'S oil mist circulation cleaning machine,
Can effectively improve the harsh environment of the factory,
Make the air-conditioned workshop, human occupational safety, and internal and external environmental safety more secure.

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