image product 底屑過濾機 LG系列

LG Series

The iron filings and iron sludge deposited at the bottom of the machine during metal processing are filtered and removed to increase the capacity of the water tank to avoid blockage and deterioration of impurities.

It is safer to drive with air pressure without using electricity. Reduce the failure rate and quality defect rate of machine tools. Extend the service life of cutting fluid and reduce the cost of cutting fluid. Reduce mechanical downtime and labor costs. Reduce the trouble of water tank heating and maintain the water level of the water tank.

Patent guarantee: backwater stabilizer

Model LG-F160 LG-F400
Weight (kg) 70kg 90kg
Maximum flow (L/min) 42gpm(159L/Min) 100gpm(378.5L/Min)
Filter capacity 9L, 12L 16L, 19L
Dimensions (mm) 730L x 390W x 850H 780L x 450W x 920H
Filtration accuracy Standard 1mm Optional0.38mm(40 mesh) 0.25mm(60 mesh)
Suction port diameter 32mm
Return water device patent Stable water pressure design

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