image product 油水分離機 LW系列

LW Series

Separate the slide oil, cutting oil and water in the water tank of the machine tool,
The waste oil is discharged in a centralized manner, and the oil and water are filtered and circulated.

It can be used without horizontal correction/built-in double-layer impurity interception device/simple installation and convenient use/extended service life of cutting fluid/pneumatic drive is safer/zero consumables and no burden.

Model LW-S20 LW-M15
Maximum flow 20L/Min 15L/Min
Air pressure 0.4-5Kg 0.4-5Kg
Dimensions (mm) 410L x 260W x 810H 450L x 340W x 330H
Structural design Four compartments enhance the separation effect 33/38
Fixing method Wheels are attached to the site, and the carrying handle does not need to reset the level One-to-one use, reserved fixing holes
Inhalation device Floating suction design - adjustable height, magnetic suction seat - fixed position of pipe fittings
Filter device Pressure regulating filter - manual speed regulation and automatic drainage
Oil discharge height Adjustable oil discharge height, reduce water content, oil discharge height is not affected
Water level Adjustable height difference, specific gravity difference
Mobile Wheels on site, carrying handle, no need to reset the level

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