image product 油霧高效回收淨化機 LC系列

LC series

power saving
low noise

Purify the oil mist generated by cutting and grinding during metal processing.
Purify fumes generated by metal handling during sheet metal processing.
For example, the use of oily cutting fluid, water-based cutting fluid, lathe milling machine grinder,
LEE'S high-efficiency oil mist recovery and purification machine can effectively solve your problems.

LEE'S oil mist recovery and purification equipment - exclusive patented R&D and production, in line with global environmental protection goals, the whole machine is made of metal and stainless steel materials, creating net zero and low consumables starts from environmental protection equipment. Using the principle of physical centrifugation, adding an oil throwing device is effective to prolong the maintenance period and the main body of the machine to filter the oil fumes generated by the processing machines above 85%. The unique design increases the horsepower of the same level by 50% (if the efficiency is the same, the power consumption varies from 200 to 400%).

Energy saving, power saving, zero and low consumables, horsepower reduction and efficiency improvement!

The S-shaped deflector is used, and the maintenance cycle of the filter is increased by the principle of inertial collision. The functional stainless steel sheet filter is used, which is not easy to be blocked.

The use of small motor horsepower to reduce carbon emissions is in line with the ESG sustainable management and environmental protection concept.

Model LC-1000 LC-2000
Feature Lightweight, low power and low noise, easy maintenance Lightweight, low power and low noise, easy maintenance
Horsepower (HP) 1/4HP(250W) 1/4HP(250W)
Weight(Kg) 17 24
Suction air volume (m³/min) 13/15 18/21
Voltage (V) Ψ1 220/110 Ψ3 380/ 220
Current (A) 0.9/2 0.7/1
Inlet diameter (m/m) 150 150
Cycle (Hz) 50/60 50/60
Speed (RPM) 1800/2200 2900/3450
Voice (dB) 58 60/64
Appearance size (mm) 380Lx310Wx410H 510Lx300Wx400H

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