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Three Reasons You Must Use an Oil Mist Recycler

Taiwan began to develop in the 1970s and gradually grew into the world's foundry industry kingdom. There are also many famous industrial settlements in the country. For example this"United Daily News" reportIt shows that Taiwan, from Bamboo Branch, Zhong Branch, to Nan Branch, such a technology and industrial settlement line, gave birth to the second largest semiconductor industry in the world.

With the rapid development of the industry, a large amount of oil mist containing harmful gases is often generated in the factory during the machining process of the tool. Such oil mist seriously damages the physical and mental health of everyone in the factory. Such an environment filled with oil mist will also make people feel very disgusted and irritable at work, thereby affecting the final production efficiency. Moreover, if the oil mist is allowed to spread between factories for a long time, it will also cause the tools and components in the factory to be slowly damaged, resulting in immeasurable losses.

Therefore, with the rapid development of industry today, everyone has begun to pay attention to environmental protection. Everyone is committed to discussing how to eliminate industrial oil mist, provide a clean air in the working environment, and protect the tools, which will allow each factory to produce high performance virtually. The oil mist recovery machine is undoubtedly the most direct and simple solution. Today, Lees point of view will show you three reasons why you must use an oil mist recovery machine.

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Here are three reasons why we need to use an oil mist recovery machine:

1. Create high efficiency

The oil mist recovery machine is a lightweight device, the installation is also very flexible, and the structure is sturdy, so if you can invest in the oil mist recovery machine, it is very environmentally friendly and efficient. The oil mist generated during industrial operation will be exposed and float on the surface and crevice of any machine objects that can be adsorbed, which greatly increases the difficulty of cleaning.

The oil mist recovery machine can effectively save the cleaning and maintenance costs in the factory. All machines that are disturbed by oil mist, smoke, etc. will need to be cleaned. The oil mist recovery machine can actually help us reduce and reduce production costs, and prolong the service life of equipment by eliminating oil mist.

Products of Lees Baotai Oil Mist Recovery CleanerIt has the following characteristics: 1. Low maintenance cost, 2. Easy installation, 3. High reliability, 4. Low noise.

Such an oil mist recycling machine can help your industrial environment to improve faster, create a safe, non-toxic, clean and advanced working environment, and then maximize your industrial efficiency.


2. Improve employee health

With the development of science and technology and the progress of society, people have paid more and more attention to the welfare and safety of workers in recent years. Many workers face occupational health hazards, especially in the machine tool industry, technology manufacturing industry, machinery industry and other industries. About 80 to 90% of the day is spent in an indoor environment. If the air in these environments is polluted by oil mist, it can have a significant negative impact on workers.

Oil mist can damage people's nervous, reproductive and immune systems, causing multiple sexual organ lesions and other conditions. Therefore, if we can install oil mist recovery machines in factories and near seriously polluted places to purify the air, we can protect the health and life of workers to the greatest extent.

Breeding, if the oil mist recovery machine is not installed, these industrial oil fume, dust, etc. will cause great harm to the plant environment, mechanical equipment, and employee safety. The use of the oil mist recovery machine can make the air cleaner, which can not only enhance the centripetal force and work enthusiasm of the employees in the factory, but also improve the employees' willingness to work.

3. Create a comfortable working environment

In people's impressions, the processing industry faces the image of environmental pollution and oil mist that has been criticized for a long time. Through the installation and use of the oil mist recovery machine, traditional industries, such as the metal black hand industry, can also improve the texture and image. By obviously improving the quality of the industrial environment, the company's image can be greatly improved. These comfortable and healthy environments can also increase employee retention and reduce turnover. Improved plant cleaning can benefit your business, employees and customers alike. Cleaning a factory allows employees in the factory to work properly, which in turn increases efficiency. A clean factory can also make customers more trustworthy, increase their willingness to cooperate, and increase the amount of orders.


Finally, we want to say that if you pay attention to safety and security in the factory, you will know the importance of oil mist recovery machine. In Taiwan, many traditional precision machining environments are faced with the safety issues of air pollution and oil mist. Therefore, in order to protect the physical and mental health of employees and purify the factory equipment polluted by oil mist: it is very important to choose a suitable and excellent oil mist recovery machine.

Here, we again recommend Lees Oil Mist Recovery Cleaner. As a highly reliable machine, the Lees oil mist recovery machine is not only easy to maintain, but also has very low maintenance costs. The motor of the machine and the oil mist recovery machine are also separated by a special technical shaft seal to prevent the penetration of gas and foreign matter. Safe and durable. In addition, the clean filter is very easy to clean and can be reused to a certain extent. Finally, the safety of industrial use is the most important, and the Lees oil mist cleaning and recycling machine provides power-off protection, so that there is no danger of high voltage and vulnerable parts.

Oil mist recycling and cleaning can help you absorb and clean harmful substances around 99% in mechanical processing, and truly protect the physical and mental health of everyone in the industrial environment. So, buy the oil mist cleaning and recycling machine that suits you as soon as possible!



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