Technical Services

image technology patent

technology patent

  • Breaking away from the existing framework, the latest version of the oil mist recovery machine adds, multiplies and adds
  • Patent Certification – Centrifugal Structure: Forced Interception
  • Patent Pending – Pressure Sensing: Filter Blockage Early Warning
  • Third-party manufacturers: EU Rheinland certification, CE, ISO
image quality

quality quality

  • Energy saving and power saving 30%
  • Price discount for the same series 10-35%
  • Challenge the industry's "actual" zero consumables, now save 5,000 yuan
  • Upgraded oil mist recovery technology, extended maintenance cycle, and saved 3,600 yuan/year of labor
image full service

full service

  • Related oil mist cleaning machine equipment free health check
  • Delicate installation by professionals – 30-day satisfaction guarantee after machine installation
  • The whole machine is guaranteed by the original factory for 1 year (the warranty does not include consumables and man-made damage)
image marketing strategy

marketing strategy

  • Emphasis on value is better than CP value, price and quality at the same time
  • Accumulated achievements Development and operation of the domestic market (machinery factory, Enduser)
  • Provide professional advice on oil mist recovery machines, free health checks for oil mist machines
  • Distribution agency system, resource sharing and profit-sharing economy, and the implementation of triple wins
  • Dealer front-line operation, original factory technology and sales support, timely replenishment

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