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From the perspective of Taiwan's industry from the perspective of oil mist recovery machine: Inventory of 3 hazards of industrial oil mist

Today we will take stock of the characteristics and hazards of the industrial oil mist waste gas generated during the processing, and then discuss the principles, design standards, and product characteristics of a set of oil mist recovery machine equipment scheme design. In fact, industry is a manufacturing process that transforms resources into products.

In the factory environment of Taiwan's modern manufacturing industry, the industrial oil mist and exhaust gas produced by industrial activities will cause serious pollution and damage to the environment. It will also have a negative impact on precision-machined machine parts, and it will also cause harm to the human body. In Taiwan factories in many fields such as machinery, chemical industry, biology, and medical treatment, these industrial equipment will produce oil mist, dust, and water mist of different degrees and properties.

For example, lubricants, condensates and cleaning fluids of lathes in the mechanical equipment industry, and then drying, evaporation, extraction and other equipment commonly used in the chemical industry will produce industrial oil mist. Since the manufacturing industry is a large-volume and wide-ranging industry, we must think about how to better solve the oil mist damage of Taiwan's heavy industry. Here, we would like to suggest that you start with using an oil mist recovery machine to create your industrial environment.

So today, let us Lees take you to know about the hazards caused by industrial oil mist, industrial waste gas and dust!

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First of all, everyone should know that industrial oil mist has the following characteristics:

1. Industrial oil mist is prone to fission:

Industrial oil mist is very hot and easy to form fission, causing serious harm to factory personnel. In the process of processing parts in the production equipment of the factory, when the used lubricating and cooling oil is heated, it will be cracked into toxic and harmful substances such as enaldehyde, benzopyrene and cycloaromatic hydrocarbons. At the same time, such oil mist has a strong odor, which will directly disturb the production personnel, and even make them teratogenic or even carcinogenic.

2. High concentration of industrial oil mist:

The particles in industrial oil mist are very small and have little water, but it produces a lot of tar smell. Therefore, according to expert analysis, the concentration of oil fume in industrial oil mist is very strong. The particle diameter of the oil mist is very small (less than 0.1μm), and the same field is in the form of an emulsified mist. The general manual purification process cannot completely remove the oil mist. In particular, the tar smell produced by oil mist during high temperature fission is difficult to remove.

3. Industrial oil mist is difficult to be completely eliminated:

The current conventional oil fume and oil mist purification technology is difficult to completely eliminate serious industrial oil mist. At present, the mechanical filtration method generally used can maximize the elimination of part of the oil fume and oil mist pollution, but in fact there are still major defects: such as low purification efficiency, short cleaning cycle, high maintenance cost, etc. At this time, how to choose a goodPurification equipmentIt is very important.


Harm caused by industrial oil mist:

In fact, so-called industrial oil mist is formed in many traditional industrial metal processing processes, such as turning, milling, grinding and drilling. Metalworking fluids in these processing operations can easily form oil mist, and relatively large droplets will enter the nasal cavity and trachea of the human body and be accidentally swallowed.

These smaller droplets will slowly accumulate in the lungs and other organs, and will also affect the eyes, nose, and throat, causing irritation. Many of these oil mist and oil fumes have metal particles containing carcinogens. If these industrial oil mist come to the ground of the factory, it will also increase the risk of people slipping and causing accidents.

These industrial oil mist will not only have serious adverse effects on human beings, but also oil mist can damage the machinery and equipment in the factory. When the oil mist is attached to the parts or gaps of the machine, it will slowly corrode and damage the machine. Even the electronic equipment of industrial machinery will be damaged by oil mist, which will increase the maintenance cost of the factory.

Therefore, if the factory environment, machinery and its surroundings cannot be properly cleaned and maintained in a certain degree of clean air, industrial oil mist may even develop into a fire, or allow bacteria and mold to grow rampantly, causing serious health problems. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the oil mist by using an oil mist cleaning and recovery machine, and regularly and effectively measure the amount of oil mist in the air.

In addition, the generation of oil mist can also observe two factors:

One is that the higher the speed of the tool, the more oil mist is generated.
Second, the higher the temperature used by the factory machine, the more oil mist will be produced.




In the general industrial environment in Taiwan, factory machines such as CNC machine tools will produce a large amount of oil mist composed of PCBs during processing. Such oil mist will seriously damage the physical and mental health of workers working in the factory, and the environment filled with oil mist will make people fear, even feel disgusted and irritable, which will greatly affect production efficiency.

And if we allow oil mist to exist in the factory for a long time, it will also cause chronic erosion and damage to the components in the CNC system, and then cause immeasurable losses.

Today, people are paying more and more attention to environmental protection and environmental sustainability. Installing oil mist cleaners in factories can help eliminate oil mist and dust, in exchange for fresh air in the factory. The main equipment of the oil mist recovery machine produced by the Lees brand is light and strong, and the installation is flexible and durable. Under the solid structure, there is a super powerful clean motor hidden. Now start to invest in the installation of oil mist recovery machines, and then reduce and reduce production costs, and also make the environment in our Taiwan factories cleaner, safer and healthier.

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